The 1L Club

Your Pathway to Law School Success!

Embarking on your law school journey can be overwhelming, with endless assignments, information overload, and uncertainty clouding your path. At Legally Fit, we understand the challenges you face, and we're here to be your guiding light, your trusted resource, and your unwavering support system throughout your 1L year.

Picture a community of motivated and driven law students, united by a common goal – to excel academically and savor every moment of their law school experience. The 1L Club is your exclusive ticket to join this dynamic community, where you'll find the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to thrive. 

You can have the law school experience that you’ve always dreamt of! 

how it works

We've meticulously crafted Legally Fit’s Roadmap to Success ® - a holistic attack plan that will lead you through the 5 transformative phases of your law school semester. Each week, we'll concentrate on an essential law school skill and provide bite-sized lessons, delivered at the precise moment that you need them. Access to The Club is free….for now!

members receive
  • Legally Fit’s Roadmap to Success ®
  • Access to Legally Fit’s Weekly Live Zoom Workshop
  • Weekly Handout - a summary of the important lessons and clear action items
  • Exclusive discounts on Legally Fit Law School Supplements
are you ready

to embark on a remarkable law school adventure? Join The 1L Club today and unlock your full potential. Let us be your guiding compass, your source of motivation, and your trusted companion throughout your 1L year and beyond. Together, we'll conquer the challenges, celebrate the victories, and create a future where success and fulfillment in law school are yours for the taking!

The 1L Club isn't just about surviving law school, it's about thriving!

What a Week Inside the 1L Club Looks Like

  • We will kick off each week with an announcement of the SKILL of the week via email and social media platforms.
  • On Tuesdays we will host a live Zoom workshop, where for just 20 minutes, you'll immerse yourself into an engaging presentation and gain invaluable insights. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, connect with peers, and absorb the wisdom of law school experts.
  • A weekly handout will be distributed after the Zoom workshop that summarizes the key lessons of the week and provides action items to help you implement them.
  • Throughout the week, students can engage with our social media platforms where they will find content that reinforces the lessons of the week. Students are also encouraged to ask any follow up questions via social media.
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