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Prior to the Contracts Lecture, I was unsure on a few things and feeling anxious with an approaching midterm. Legally Fit helped fill in the gaps, and I feel so much better!

Alexis Cornejo

I attended Legally Fit's Contracts Lecture on 2-207 Battle of the Forms for my upcoming midterm and it helped me really understand the subject! I feel so much better tackling the Battle of the Forms questions on my midterm now thanks to Legally Fit! :)

Vanessa Hernandez

I attended the Legally Fit class over UCC Section 2-207 taught by Deandre on 10/17/2023. It was a lifesaver, as life has gotten extremely difficult/real, which made it difficult to grasp certain concepts. The combination of a flow chart to break down the concept and the framework for how to approach a hypo was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much, Legally Fit!

Marcus Hammond

Legally Fit has been an essential part of my success in law school. The Master the Subject online courses simplify complex law doctrines in a way that any law student could understand. I highly recommend Legally Fit to any law student looking to amp up their game and increase their grades.

Michael Mardini

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"Legally Fit was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Because of Legally Fit, I am still in Law School, I wanna keep going and I actually started to enjoy Law School, a lot. Thank you Legally Fit!!!"

Christian Roldan | Regular Bar Prep Student, February 2019

“The Early Bar Prep course was really fun. We all worked together in a very interactive environment. There are a few games that we played, which kept us entertained but also enabled us to remember a lot of things we were taught in Early Bar Prep, later on, to Regular Bar Prep. I was able to associate certain topics with certain conversations we had and this really helped me during my actual Bar Prep.”

Esther Estrada | Early Bar Prep Student, July 2018

“I found the Legally Fit Bar Prep strategy very useful because unlike other programs it helped me build my confidence. So, going into something new, feeling like: Yes, I can do this, I can grasp all of this, this isn’t really that bad, helped me a lot with everything else as well.”

Kennita Fortune | Regular Bar Prep Student, July 2017

“I am very happy I signed up for Legally Fit Early Bar Prep because it definitely helped me to go into Regular Bar Prep with something in my backpack and made me a little bit more confident instead of hyperventilating the whole time.”

Precious Odum | Early Bar Prep Student, July 2017

“Legally Fit definitely helped me with my essay writing. Specifically, it helped me make my writing more concise, making better use of the facts and having a better strategy, teaching me where to spend my time on, more efficiently.”

Dulce Vasquez | Regular Bar Prep Student, July 2017

“Before joining Legally Fit, I didn’t know how to study. Legally Fit taught me more than just studying, it taught me how to attack a problem, how to understand class structure, it taught me how to pull up the information that I needed and leave the B.S. stuff back in class.”

Natasha Aminpour | Law School Tutoring Student, 2018 School Year

“I really like the group sessions with Legally Fit because I am with people that I know and people I am comfortable asking questions in front of. People that are in class with me, understand me and my struggles with Law School. Legally Fit has always a clear way to explain things to us, using multiple real life examples, which are very helpful and easy to remember.”

Cara Shate | Law School Tutoring Student, 2018 School Year

“I’ve known DeAndre for several years and think highly of him. He brings a tremendous amount of energy and inspiration to everything he does. In Law School, he excelled both in the classroom and as a student leader. His classmates showed their confidence in DeAndre when they elected him the Student Bar Association President. Smart, friendly, and approachable, I have no doubt that he will be able to provide practical suggestions and help others do as well as he did in Law School.”

Professor Austen Parrish | Dean at IU Maurer School of Law

“The tutoring and mentoring that Legally Fit provided during my 1L year was the foundation I needed to anchor myself in class and to gain a better understanding of what professors look for in their exams. His dedication to our success motivated me, and his dynamic techniques taught me how to structure my exams in a clear, concise, and effective manner. Without these study sessions, I would not have done as well as did on my exams. My only regret was not having started these sessions sooner. I am happy to know that future 1L students will have the opportunity to benefit from such a valuable service.”

Karine Panosian | 2014 School Year

“Like many incoming 1Ls, I was overwhelmed with all the suggestions and tips I had received about how to do well in Law School. Some of the general advice was excessive, or was presented as the only way to do things. I attended DeAndre’s study hall/mentoring sessions throughout my first semester, and he helped me find a more personalized approach. He encouraged us all to play with the course material in whatever way felt appropriate for us, and reminded us that there’s more than one way to learn. With his regular schedule of study sessions, I stayed on track with my outlines and course review. Before exams arrived, I was already confident in my understanding of the material, and finished my first semester in the top 10% of my class. I know that was made possible in part by the consistent support and accountability I received from Legally Fit.”

ANONYMOUS | 2014 School Year