Show Your Love & We'll Show You More Love

We are so honored that you have chosen Legally Fit to help you accomplish your goals for your future legal career. We also want to be able to showcase your accomplishments as we believe that a "high tide rises all boats". In that vein of reciprocity, we are conducting a promotion that features a way you can be part of a raffle-style giveaway in exchange for sharing your feedback on your experience with us.

Our goal is simple: by submitting reviews about your program, other students can hear about the magic of Legally Fit through a student’s lens. We have different types of reviews you can submit as outlined below. If you submit all review options below, you will be entered into a raffle to win the promotional prize listed below.

Want to understand the terms of the promotion? Click here. Ready to learn how to enter? Keep scrolling.

Raffle Entry Submission Steps

  • Step one is to create a selfie style video. Have your video already recorded before you click the entry form below so that you can submit everything at once.
  • Step two is to take a photo of yourself. Be sure to make any edits you feel you need to make prior to submitting it and understand that it may be featured on our website and on our social media platforms.
  • Step three is to click the form submission below where you will be prompted to upload your video, photo, and write a testimonial of your experience.
  • Step four is leave a review on Google here.
  • Step five is leave a review on Yelp here.
  • Step six is follow us on Instagram here. Please  note that this will also be where we announce the winners.

Current Promotion Details

The current promotion prize is two tickets to California Disneyland. The two tickets are for two adult admissions to be used before the end of the calender year.

The deadline for submitting your entries for this promotion is at midnight, 12am PST, on August 30th, 2022. The announcement of the winner will be issued on Instagram on August 31st, 2022 at 12pm, PST.

Ready to submit your entry?

If you have your video, photo, and written testimonial ready and want to enter our promotional raffle, click the button below and get your entry submitted now.