There are many factors that come into play to improve your MBEs.

  • In order to do well on MBEs, you MUST have a strong understanding of the law.
  • You must have a strategy for attacking MBE questions, no winging it!
  • You want to prioritize your time and focus on the specific topics that are heavily tested.
  • You have to learn how to get the most out of practice questions, quality of practice is equally as important as quantity.

Our MBE Accelerator is here to give you all the tools and lessons necessary for you to crush the MBE!

MBE Subjects Covered

The 175 scored questions on the MBE are distributed evenly, with 25 questions from each of the seven subject areas: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

Criminal law
Constitutional law
civil prodedure
MBE Accelerator Materials:
  • 7+ hours of video lecture - for each MBE subject
  • 1 video of an MBE workshop - for each MBE subject
  • 1 Legally Fit Blueprint (outline) - for each MBE subject
  • 1 Legally Fit Hypos and Explanations Workbook - for each MBE Subject
  • 1 Package of Cheat Sheets – for each MBE Subject
  • Legally Fit Charts and Visual Diagrams - for each MBE subject
  • Legally Fit MBE Formula and approach to studying MBEs
  • Weekly Office Hours to ask questions

The cost of enrollment into the MBE Accelerator is $995.



Can I take Legally Fit’s MBE Accelerator if I’m doing bar prep with a different company (I.E. Barbri, Kaplan, Etc.)

Yes, Legally Fit’s MBE Accelerator is a supplement that can be integrated into your bar prep schedule with another program.

Do I get to ask questions?

Yes, there will be weekly office hours during the 2.5 month bar prep study period.