Master the Subject Course

Gain a better understanding of the law!

Have a weakness in a subject or two? Get Master the Subject for Bar Prep and turn your weak subject into your strong subject.

With your Master the Subject purchase, you will receive the following for your subject of choice:

  • Full-Length Bar Prep Lecture
  • A Legally Fit Blueprint (a.k.a. outline)
  • A Legally Fit Hypos and Explanations Workbook
  • Flow Charts and Visual Diagrams

$295 per subject

*You will have access to the materials

for 10 weeks from purchase date.


Interactive video lessons that explain the law and breaks it down to it's simplest terms.

Our recorded live lectures will help you master the law in half the time. You will walk away having a clear understanding of the big picture and how to apply the rules.


Comprehensive outlines that show you how the rules are triggered, organized, and analyzed. Our carefully crafted outlines give you everything you need in a  concise and consistent manner.


Hypos that introduce common test patterns via real-life scenarios and pop culture. We provide relatable practice problems that strengthen your understanding and make learning fun.


Flow charts and diagrams that deliver the information with visual learners in mind. Take your understanding to the next level with our eye-catching charts and diagrams. Visual learning increases your retention by 40%.

Legally Fit Master the Subject for Bar Prep Catalog

To Purchase A master the subject Course, Simply Click On Your subject Of Choice
Master the Subject - Business Associations
Master the Subject - Civil Procedure
Master the Subject - Community Property
Master the Subject - Constitutional Law
Master the Subject - Contracts
Master the Subject - Criminal Law
Master the Subject - Criminal Procedure
Master the Subject - Evidence
Master the Subject - Property
Master the Subject - Remedies
Master the Subject - Torts
Master the Subject - Wills & Trusts


Will I receive digial or printed materials?

With purchase, students will receive immediate access to digital materials. Materials will be accessible through our student portal. Students may request printed materials for additional fee of $50 + Shipping.

How long will I have access to my materials?

You have access to your digital materials for 10 weeks after purchase. You can keep your requested printed materials forever. Feel free to burn them after you pass the bar!