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Legally Fit is here to translate the law and spare you the stress and headache, that comes with law school. We have dedicated over 10 years to creating the most simple, clear, and organized law school supplements on the market!

  • We know how to break down the law
  • Continuity in our materials
  • Save you stress and time

Interactive video lessons that explain the law and allow students to learn on the go.

Our recorded live lectures will help you master the law in half the time. You will walk away having a clear understanding of the big picture and how to apply the rules for final exams.


Comprehensive outlines that show you how the rules are triggered, organized, and analyzed. No need to start from scratch. Our carefully crafted outlines give you everything you need to organize the rules and create templates for essay writing.


Hypos that introduce common test patterns via real-life scenarios and pop culture. We provide relatable practice problems that strengthen your understanding and make learning fun.


Flow charts and diagrams that deliver the information with visual learners in mind. Take your understanding to the next level with charts and diagrams. Visual learning increases your retention by 40%.


We offer a money back refund if you do not earn a B or better in subject(s) that you purchased a Master the Subject/Crash for. We stand by our materials! *See FAQ for details.


“Navigating law school can be challenging, but with Legally Fit’s online coaching services, you'll have a dedicated mentor to guide you through every step of your academic journey. We will provide you with personalized strategies, study techniques, and moral support to excel in your law school studies. Together, we'll make your legal education an enriching and successful experience.”

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Will I receive digiTal or printed materials?

All Master the Subject courses come with digital materials that will be available immediately in your online student portal. Printed materials are not included but can be purchased.

If you would like printed materials, once you complete the purchase of your MTS course you will be directed to a thank you page that acknowledges your enrollment and presents the opportunity to get the printed docs.

A link to purchase the printed docs is also available in the welcome chapter of the course.

How long will I have access to my materials?

You have access to your digital materials for the entire semester in which the purchase was made. You can keep your requested printed materials forever.

What is the 'B' or Better Guarantee?

We guarantee a grade of 'B' or higher in any class that you have purchased a MTS or Crash Course for. A 'B' includes any grade within the B range (B-, B, B+, B++).

Any student who does not receive a 'B' or higher is entitled to a money-back refund if:

1) You have completed at least 75% of your MTS/Crash Course videos in good faith,

2)  You are a member of the 1L Club, and

3) You mail a certified and sealed copy of your transcript showing the disputed grade.

Requests must be made before the end of the following semester.

Need help?

Need more information? Not sure which course is best for you? Fill out this simple form and let’s get started.

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