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Law School Success


Mastering the Law


Mastering the skills

Have the law school experience you’ve always dreamt of!

Whether it’s getting off academic probation, rising to the top 10% of your class, or simply doing the best 

you can do, we have the materials and resources to help you achieve your academic goals!

course supplements

Legally Fit is here to translate the law and spare you the stress and headache 

that comes with law school. We have dedicated over 10 years to creating the most simple,

clear, and organized law school supplements on the market!


Complete Set of Supplements for 4 Subjects

You’ll receive a complete set of supplemental materials for up to 4 doctrinal courses. Simplify your life with this comprehensive and effective set of supplements that will help you excel this semester!

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking to ensure they earn a high grade in all courses.
  • Students looking to maintain their GPA while balancing extracurriculars.
  • 1Ls who want high performance which leads to scholarships, job offers, awards, and options for transferring.
master the subject

best supplements to get you thru law school

Looking for a complete set of supplements to ACE your class? Our Master the Subject course has everything you need to do just that! You will receive the understanding and resources needed to make learning, outlining, and test taking a breeze. Available for 13 different subjects. This course is guaranteed to help you earn a 'B' or better in your class! 

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking for assistance with a difficult subject or two.
  • Students looking to stay on top of the material and ahead of the curve.
  • Students in a pinch, looking for a crash course before finals.
get fit kits

Supplements for a Specific Topic

Our Get Fit Kits give you the necessary supplements to understand a specific topic within a subject.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking for spot assistance with a particular topic.
  • Students looking to “try out” Legally Fit supplements.

Detailed outlines to help you learn and organize the law

Legally Fit Blueprints are elevated outlines that not only include rules but also provide you with examples, visual diagrams, and exam-ready templates. Our blueprints are included in all the “Mastering” Packages and they can also be purchased here separately.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking to develop a better understanding of the law.
  • Students looking to speed up the process of creating their own outlines.

Common Test Patterns with Thorough Explanations

Legally Fit Hypos are questions and explanations that illustrate how the law is tested and how you must apply the rules. We use relatable and pop-culture infused hypotheticals to help you connect with the law. Our hypos are included in all the “Mastering” Packages and they can also be purchased here separately.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking for practice questions to apply their understanding of the law.
  • Students looking to take their understanding of the basics to the next level.
Private sessions

One on One or Small Group Tutoring

Book a few sessions or book a bundle. Our private sessions are great for honing in on your specific needs and moving at your desired pace. Private sessions are available for one-on-one coaching and also small group coaching if you have classmates that want to join in! Discounts are available for small groups.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Those looking to work on specific issues with their professor.
  • Those looking to improve their test taking skills (issue spotting, outlining, essay writing, etc.).
  • Those looking for a private coach to keep them accountable and on track for success.

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