Law School Coaching

Legally Fit is proud to offer 4 options to help you crush law school!

Have the law school experience that you’ve always dreamt of. 

Legally Fit is here to offer you academic coaching, guidance, and mentoring to ensure you get the most out of law school. Whether it’s getting off of academic probation, becoming a member of the top 10% at your school, or simply learning the proper way to take law school exams, we are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


Private Coaching and On-demand Resources

The Legally Fit Master the Semester Course is the premiere service for law school coaching. With this service, you get everything we’ve got! This course is designed to take your skill levels and understanding of the law to elevated heights.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • The 1L who wants to perform well and enjoy the perks of scholarships, job offers, and ability to transfer.
  • The 2L who has a busy schedule and is looking to maintain or improve their GPA.
  • The 3L who looking to finish strong and seamlessly transition into bar prep.

accelerated learning

Looking for a complete set of supplements to ACE your class? Our Master the Subject course has everything you need to do just that! You will receive the understanding and resources needed to make learning, outlining, and test taking a breeze. Available for 13 different subjects. This course is guaranteed to help you earn a 'B' or better in your class!

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking for elite supplements and the keys to success.
  • Students in a pinch who need to use this course in a crash-course like manner.
get fit kits

on demand learning

The Get Fit Kit collection is an online catalogue of videos and materials to learn on your own schedule. We break down all the topics that are notorious for giving students the most headache. Purchasing a kit will erase your confusion and build your foundation for outlining.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking for a leg-up with class preparation, understanding of the law, and outlining.
  • Any student who enjoys on-demand learning.
Private sessions

personalized attention

Book a few sessions or book a bundle. Our private sessions are great for honing in on your specific needs and moving at your desired pace. Private sessions are available for one-on-one coaching and also small group coaching if you have classmates that want to join in! Discounts are available for small groups.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Those looking to work on specific issues with their professor.
  • Those looking to improve their test taking skills (issue spotting, outlining, essay writing, etc.).
  • Those looking for a private coach to keep them accountable and on track for success.

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