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Our hypos are made to help you understand the law and prepare you for final exams.

  • Our hypos were created after extracting the common test patterns from researching thousands of multiple choice questions and previous bar exams.
  • Our hypos allow you to connect with the law because they are relatable and use real-life scenarios to learn the law in a context that you can understand.
  • Our explanations do more than just give you the right answer. We thoroughly explain the outcome and show you the arguments you need to make to receive full points on an exam.

$100 per subject

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for the entirety of the current semester.


Hypos that introduce common test patterns via real-life scenarios and pop culture. We provide

relatable practice problems that strengthen your understanding and make learning fun.

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Hypos Catalog

Hypos - Business Assoc
Hypos - Civil Procedure
Hypos - Community Property
Hypos - Constitutional Law
Hypos - Contracts
Hypos - Criminal Law
Hypos - Criminal Procedure
Hypos - Evidence
Hypos - Property
Hypos - Remedies
Hypos - Torts
Hypos - Wills & Trusts


Will I receive digial or printed materials?

With purchase, students will receive immediate access to digital materials. Materials will be accessible through our student portal. Hard copies/ printed materials can be purchased.

How long will I have access to my materials?

You have access to your digital materials for the entire semester in which the purchase was made. You can keep your requested printed materials forever.