February Bar Prep Options

February Bar Prep

The bar exam only comes around twice a year, so make sure you 

choose the option that gives you the best chance at passing!

Legally Fit Bar Prep

Our premier bar prep course. 

A comprehensive bar prep course with a practical

and modern twist, giving you exactly what you want

and need in a program! Our program comes with all

the standard materials and resources of a big box

company plus much more. This is a simplified way

to study for the bar exam and designed to be the

last bar prep you take! 

   This is what you'll get:

  • Orientation
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Skill building workshops
  • Simplified Outlines
  • Legally Fit's "Folder System"  memorization system
  • Visual learning aids                       charts and diagrams
  • 2000+ Legally Fit Hypos 
  • Expert essay grading/feedback 
  • Legally Fit's essay grading key 
  • Legally Fit's "Essay Mastery" resources
  • Detailed daily schedule
  • Office hours
  • Proctored bar exam simulation



This comprehensive bar prep course is online,

(no live lectures or workshops). With our innovative

ways, and fresh and personalized approach, we will

have you walking into the exam with confidence.

*All materials are digital, hard copies can be requested.

*The detailed daily schedule is customizable.

*Students are recommended to purchase a separate bank of licensed MBE questions.

*Monthly payment plans are available, (for a limited time). Early enrollment is highly suggested if you want to take advantage of a payment plan.

*Early Bird Discounts are available. Secure your bar prep spot early to get discounts and other benefits.

The earlier the better! Learn more here.