Just need an outline, we’ve got you covered!

Our outlines are made with students in mind.

  • It’s not just rules. Our outlines also include examples, triggers, and suggestions on how to organize your discussion on the exam.
  • We keep them very easy on the eyes by not squeezing in 1,000 words per page, having great spacing, using vibrant colors and clear headings.
  • We’ve also inserted a handful of quotes to keep you engaged and motivated to study!

$100 per subject

*You will have access to the materials 

for the entirety of the current semester.


Comprehensive outlines that show you how the rules are triggered, organized, and analyzed. No need to start from scratch. Our carefully crafted outlines give you everything you need to organize the rules and create templates for essay writing.

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Legally Fit

Blueprints Catalog

Blueprint - Business Associations
Blueprint - Civil Procedure
Blueprint - Community Property
Blueprint - Constitutional Law
Blueprint - Contracts
Blueprint - Criminal Law
Blueprint - Criminal Procedure
Blueprint - Evidence
Blueprint - Property
Blueprint - Remedies
Blueprint - Torts
Blueprint - Wills & Trusts


Will I receive digial or printed materials?

With purchase, students will receive immediate access to digital materials. Materials will be accessible through our student portal. Hard copies/ printed materials can be purchased.

How long will I have access to my materials?

You have access to your digital materials for the entire semester in which the purchase was made. You can keep your requested printed materials forever.