Whether you are a first-time taker or a repeater, we have the tools and resources to make sure this is the last time you’ll be taking the bar exam

We DO NOT dramatize the difficulty of this exam and we DO NOT motivate you through fear of failing.
Legally Fit gives bar prep a much-needed revamp. Not only do we teach the law better than anyone else, we also deliver the X-factor! That X-factor is our focus on your comfort and confidence. Before you can pass, you must believe you will pass. We will guide, motivate, and empower you to walk in head high on the day of the exam.

program highlights

  • We know how to break down the law
  • Continuity in our materials
  • Organized by our unique "Folder System"
  • Customizable materials
  • Customizable study schedule
  • Unwavering support throughout the entire course!

Master the law

It’s time for you to finally understand the material. With our visual charts, relatable hypos, and innovative teaching style, we GUARANTEE your bar prep experience will be filled with, “Ahhhh I finally get it” moments.

understandable formulas

Legally Fit provides user-friendly formulas to put you in the best position to pass what is ultimately a standardized test. Our comprehensive approach includes customized formulas for each tested area of the bar: 1) Essays, 2) MBE, and

3) PTs. These formulas empower you to strategically approach the bar exam. The best part, we teach our formulas in orientation before bar prep starts, this allows you to hit the ground running on day 1 of bar prep.


You have to constantly study and look at bar prep materials for months, so we decided to spend years making our materials as complete and aesthetically pleasing as a student could wish for. Click here to view samples of our primary materials for bar prep.

office hours

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Our students aren’t limited to asking questions via email, we hold weekly office hours to make sure you are good to go!


We don’t treat our students like a number. We are here to support you with your particular academic needs, and your personal needs if desired. Here are some of the things we offer. 1) Office Hours. 2) Essay Grading. 3) Ability to participate and ask questions during and after lecture. 4) Mentally Fit meetings (throughout bar prep, we have optional meetings for those needing a safe space to address the struggles of studying for the bar. 5) Accountability Partners (optional program for students looking for that partner in crime).

Legally Fit Guarantee

We are so confident in our program that we guarantee favorable results. 

  • All Student Guarantee - If you happen to not pass you will have unlimited access to all your Legally Fit materials until you are Esquired.
  • GPA Guarantee - If you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and your results are unfavorable you will receive your money back and can retake the program.
  • Honors Member Guarantee - If you are a member of Trial Advocacy, Moot Court, Law Review and Negotiations and your results are unfavorable, you will receive your money back and can retake the program

*See FAQ for all the details

“The Legally Fit essay formula was God sent. It just made essay writing so much easier. I didn’t have to think about the structure, I just had to focus on the law and applying it. Because applying it is the most important thing.”

esther estrada

regular bar prep student

regular Bar Prep

Program logistics & details

bundle & save - early Bar Prep & bar prep or bar prep plus

Bundle your bar prep programs together and save $500! You must purchase the bundle course to take advantage of this savings. Select your course below to be directed to the course bundle page.

Switching Over from a Different Bar Prep Company

We will pay for all or some of your deposit already paid to another bar prep company if you want to switch over. Call us, let’s talk!

Live class vs. recorded viirtual class

When signing up for our live Bar Prep, every student has the option of being a “live class student” or a “recorded video student.”

  • A live class student attends the weekly live sessions via zoom.
  • A recorded video student does not attend some or all of the weekly, live sessions and instead receives a recording of the live sessions and watches the video on their own time. This version of the program is for students who want all the perks of the Live prep but wants to learn on their own time, prefers watching videos, or just can’t make the all the scheduled live classes.

regular bar prep program cost

We have two program options, select the exam you're sitting for below, and click to see all the details.

Payment plans

Monthly payment plans are available, (for a limited time). 

Early enrollment is highly suggested if you want to take advantage of a payment plan.

early bird discount

Enroll early and take advantage of our Bar Prep Early Bird Discount! The earlier the better!


Choose Your Bar Prep below to see options and cost.

February Bar

Study Months: December - February

July Bar

Study Months: May - July


Legally Fit is an amazing bar prep program and I can't stress that enough.


Their approach to bar prep is unique and not comparable to the big box programs, you will be supported every step of your prep journey.

I am so happy I chose them when I retook the bar in February and was even more elated to see that PASS!

I could not have done it without Legally Fit!

Abigail Williams 

Legally Fit is hands down the best academic service I have ever encountered.

They made studying for this grueling exam stress free. Legally Fit’s resources are second to none - the outlines are simple and digestible, the lectures, lesson plans, & workshops are fun and extremely effective.

If you engage with Legally Fit’s Bar Prep Program with intention, you will arrive on the day of the big test feeling confident and ready to attack. I know for a fact that I would not have passed the February 2024 Bar Exam if it wasn’t for the Legally Fit Team.

Trust the process of the Legally Fit Method! Eternally grateful for this program!

Ian Rothweiler 

I worked with the Legally Fit beginning in my second semester of 3L all the way through the end of bar prep.

The material is clear and concise, the team is attentive and encouraging, and the Legally Fit experience, for me, was truly life changing.

The California bar exam is one of the most difficult exams offered across the globe, but this course offered a community where pushing ourselves to become better everyday was the norm. This gave me the confidence on test day to breeze through the exam and pass on my first try.

I HIGHLY encourage anyone thinking about signing up for LegallyFit to do so.

If you commit to putting in the work, you won't regret it.

Hayk Kosaian 

Don't know where to start?

Click below to gain access to sample materials and a schedule overview.


Reach out and submit your inquiries to us directly. We are here to help!


I have a full-time job. Can I still take Legally Fit Bar Prep?

Yes, you can still take our bar prep if you are studying with a full-time job and it is recommended that you sign up as a “recorded video student.” Our live programs require a full-time availability. Our advice to every state bar applicant is to take off work if they have the means and ability to do so. Let’s give this test everything we’ve got so we can be done with it!

If I’m in the live class (Bar Prep Plus) program, how many times a week do we meet?

2-4 times a week we will have live sessions. We will meet at least twice a week during the learning phase of bar prep. There are several weeks during the learn phase that we meet 3 or 4 times. 

Do I get to keep my materials after I take the bar exam?

Yes, you are allowed to keep your Legally Fit Materials after taking the exam. But, chances are you won’t need them because you are about to pass!

Do you grade essays and how long does it take to receive the feedback?

Yes, we do grade essays and we strive to return feedback within 48 hours of submission.

can i ask questions?

Weekly we offer multiple, one-hour, Office Hours sessions as the main resource for getting questions answered. There is also an opportunity after live sessions to ask questions.

Does Legally Fit instruct us what to do during self-study?

Your self-study time is completely instructed. Instruction will not be vague, you will be given a detailed schedule so you'll know exactly what you should be doing, every day of bar prep.

A better way to describe it is, 'Guided Independent Study'. Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure out what to do, lol.

Am I sacrificing anything by choosing Legally Fit?

After years of tweaking, Legally Fit Bar Prep has become a carefully constructed work of art. Thought and attention has been put into every aspect of it. Order of classes, detailed instructions on what to do, when you self-study, how to use practice questions, the formulas, the handouts, the charts for the material, etc. Everything comes together to offer you an amazing bar prep experience that you won’t regret. Our students walk into the exam cool, calm, and ready to go! Check out our reviews!

Is there a money-back guarantee that I pass?

No. Legally Fit does not offer a money-back guarantee in the event that you do not pass. But, we are extremely confident in our program, the materials, and the ability to get you to the finish line that if you happen to not pass, you will have unlimited access to all of your Legally Fit materials until you are Esquired.

There are two exceptions!

Yes! There is a money back guarantee, in the event that you do not pass, if you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  And you can retake the program at no cost.  

These course requirements must be met to qualify for the money back guarantee and free retake: 

               1. Must complete at least 75% of the course

               2. Must turn in all homework essays on-time

To be eligible, student must mail a sealed, official transcript to Legally Fit.

Yes! there is a money back guarantee, in the event that you do not pass, if you are a member of the following Honor's Programs: Trial Advocacy, Moot Court, Law Review and Negotiations, (Negotiations at Southwestern Law School only). And you can retake the program at no cost.  

These course requirements must be met to qualify for the money back guarantee and free retake:

               1. Must complete at least 75% of the course

               2. Must turn in all homework essays on-time

To be eligible, student must have a faculty advisor email ma@legallyfitstudent.com a roster of current members, or a faculty advisor confirms, by work email, that said student is a member.


Are there any GPA requirements to join Legally Fit’s Bar Prep?

There are no GPA requirements, honor program requirements, or anything of the sort. We only require that students are ready to put in the work. Let’s work hard for 2.5 months, so we can play hard as attorneys!

Will i receive digital or printed materials?

All students enrolled in Bar Prep or Bar Prep PLUS will receive access to digital materials. Materials will be accessible through our student portal. Students may request printed materials for an additional fee of $250 + Shipping. Materials will shipped via USPS 2-day priority mail.

How long will I have access to my materials?

You have access to your digital materials for the 2.5 months of your bar prep course. Your access will expire on the Friday of the week you're sitting for the exam. You can keep your requested printed materials forever. Feel free to burn them after you pass the bar!

what is your cancellation/refund policy?

You may cancel your enrollment, but why would you want to do that, hmm??

You have 3 days from the date of your payment to cancel and request a full refund, (minus payment processing fees). Written cancellation/refund requests must be submitted to ma@legallyfitstudent.com before midnight of the third day.

Refund requests made at or after midnight of the third day will be refunded the course cost minus the deposit & registration fee, and minus payment processing fees. 

$500 of the course cost is a student's deposit & registration fee and is a non-refundable payment.

Refunds will be credited back to your original method of payment.

NO refunds will be issued for any requests made AFTER you’ve received access to the learning portal with the digital materials (blueprints, hypos charts, etc.) and digital lectures and workshops.

NO refunds will be issued for any requests made AFTER you’ve received your printed Legally Fit materials, ie. Blueprints, Hypos, Charts, etc.