Bar Prep Services

Legally Fit is proud to offer

  1. 1
    An Early Bar Prep course for all state bar exams
  2. 2
    A comprehensive bar prep course for the California Bar Exam

Legally Fit is designed for every student that wants to pass the bar and enjoy the process!

Early Bar Prep

9 to 12-Week Course

  • 93% Pass Rate

As one of the first bar prep providers to offer an early bar prep course, Legally Fit is ahead of the game in making sure you are ahead of the game. Do contracts, property, and other bar tested subjects feel like a distant memory? Our Early Bar Prep program is here to refresh you on the bar tested subjects, and for some of us, actually understand them for the first time. This is a comprehensive early prep course that allows you to confidently transition into your traditional bar prep study period.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students looking to get an early start on Bar Prep.
  • Students looking to significantly increase their chances of passing the bar exam.
Bar Prep


This is Legally Fit’s “traditional” 10-week bar prep course that one takes leading up to their exam. After 7+ years of content development, thousands of hours of research, and attentively listening to bar prep students, we have crafted the perfect bar prep for the student of today. Our approach is logical, our organization simple, and our students can testify to this experience being one unlike any other.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students preparing to take the California bar exam.
  • Bar takers looking for a hybrid between a big box bar company and a private tutor.
Master the subject

a-La-Carte Bar Prep

Are you taking another program and hated their lecture for a particular subject? Are you a repeat taker who is self-studying and knows the specific subject(s) you need help with? A “Mastering the Subject” package will give you the lecture and necessary materials to have you confident and ready to go

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Students in another program looking to better understand the law
  • Self-studiers looking for help with weak subject(s)
MBE Accelerator

focused program

The Multistate Bar Examination (“MBE”) is a 6-hour, 200 multiple-choice exam developed by the NCBE and is integrated into every state’s bar exam except Louisiana and Puerto Rico. Our MBE Accelerator is here to help you ace this portion of the exam and drastically increase your chances of passing the bar. This accelerator program is ideal for any student who has signed up for a different bar prep course and is looking for a supplement to increase their MBE scores.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Bar takers looking to increase their MBE scores.
  • Bar takers looking to increase their MBE scores.
Private sessions

personalized attention

Book a few sessions or book a bundle. Our private sessions are great for honing in on your specific needs and moving at your desired pace. Private sessions are available for one-on-one coaching and also small group coaching if you have classmates that want to join in! Discounts are available for small groups.

WHo is this best suited for?

  • Those looking to work on specific issues with their professor.
  • Those looking to improve their test taking skills (issue spotting, outlining, essay writing, etc.).
  • Those looking for a private coach to keep them accountable and on track for success.


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